Important things to know about TESS- NASA’s latest sky watcher

Since its launch on 18th April, there has been a lot of excitement revolved around the NASA’s latest expedition Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). According to the official information, this satellite’s main mission is to identify the alien planets that orbit the sun in the earth’s neighborhood. Here, we will tell you some amazing things […]

NASA’s Small Ways to Save the Earth 

When people hear about NASA, the things that come to their minds are space, the universe and beyond. The agency conjures up images of astronauts in space, in satellites, on the Moon, and a lot more. Scientifically speaking, lots of individuals think about nebulae, galaxies, stars, and the planets in the solar system.  However, NASA […]

SpaceX Rocket Test-Fire at the Cape Canaveral Prior to NASA Telescope Launching 

The SpaceX had launched the team loaded chilled liquid propellants on Wednesday into its 2-stage Falcon 9 rocket, and then fired the 9 first-stage engine of the boosters at the Cape Canaveral Complex, which marched towards the liftoff on Monday with the space agency’s observatory built. The launching is made for the search on planets […]

Pluto’s Moon Charon Landmarks’ First Official Names Featuring the International Spirit 

Charon, which is the largest moon of the planet Pluto, had its first official names for its landmarks. Honoring the strong spirit of the human space exploration, a dozen landmarks of the moons were given their names. These names are reflecting the explorers, travelers, scientists, mysterious destinations, and pioneering journeys that recognize the story of […]