Zombie Satellite Trying to Talk to Earth

Since the time satellites have been launched into space, there have been few simple points which are followed automatically. Firstly, whenever any satellite is launched, everyone hopes for its success and fulfilling of objectives but at the same time, each one of us knows that it is not going to last there in the space […]

All the Scientific Research Funded by the NASA agency is Available For Free

There’s something exceptionally unique about all the magnificent research supported by NASA – it’s available, for nothing, to everybody. It was the unique moment when NASA reported this move to open access in 2016. Not only exclusively would all distributed research supported by the space organization be accessible at no cost, but also the office […]

Evidence of Water Plume on Jupiter

The reality of a giant plume of water vapor wafting from Jupiter’s potential of supporting life in moon Europa just got a lot. The NASA’S Hubble Space Telescope has been able to spot signs of plume several times over the past half-decade. The measurements were very close near the limits of the powerful instruments sensitivity. […]

Figure Out Virgo – The Earth Goddess

Gazing at star constellations and imagining the figures hidden in them is a childhood play which all of us do even after getting matured. This particular news piece is for those who want to see a star constellation more explicitly. Yes! The upcoming Mother’s Day will indeed be unique as the Earth Goddess Virgo appears […]