The reason behind cosmonauts peeing on the bus that is taking them to space

The Expedition 56/57 involving a three-person crew took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome which is located in Kazakhstan on the early morning of June 6. While they were approaching the rocket, the team or at least to mention, the Russian cosmonaut, Sergey Prokopyev made an odd move. The move is believed to have taken place […]

Figure Out Virgo – The Earth Goddess

Gazing at star constellations and imagining the figures hidden in them is a childhood play which all of us do even after getting matured. This particular news piece is for those who want to see a star constellation more explicitly. Yes! The upcoming Mother’s Day will indeed be unique as the Earth Goddess Virgo appears […]

Sweat for Science

German astronaut, Alexander Gerst, at a training session at the European Astronaut Centre in Germany in spring 2018, will test special cooling shirts on Earth and in space and is all set to sweat for the project SpaceTex2. On June 6, Gerst arrived at the International Space Station as part of the European Space Agency’s […]