Zombie Satellite Trying to Talk to Earth

Since the time satellites have been launched into space, there have been few simple points which are followed automatically. Firstly, whenever any satellite is launched, everyone hopes for its success and fulfilling of objectives but at the same time, each one of us knows that it is not going to last there in the space […]

All the Scientific Research Funded by the NASA agency is Available For Free

There’s something exceptionally unique about all the magnificent research supported by NASA – it’s available, for nothing, to everybody. It was the unique moment when NASA reported this move to open access in 2016. Not only exclusively would all distributed research supported by the space organization be accessible at no cost, but also the office […]

News from Space Tech Expo

PASADENA, California — Satellite makers and administrators going to the Space Tech Expo here offered to differentiate views on to what extent satellites should keep on working in orbit. For quite a long time, government and business administrators tried to expand the life of satellites by sending them into space with a lot of fuel […]

Journey to the far side of the moon

Chang’e-4 mission which is a part of China’s ambitious project is scheduled to reach the lunar surface in December 2018. It is supposed to become the first landing in the space exploration process to make a soft landing on the far side of the moon. The lander-rover combination will find out the different ways of […]

UK military introducing smallsats to increase space activities

The Royal Air Force is thinking of the situation of utilizing constellations of CubeSats as well as other small satellites to enhance the hold of the military regarding space activities and as a result, improve resilience as well. Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hiller made this statement.  At a recently concluded conference, Hiller said that […]

New system to track space weather over South America

A bunch of Brazilian researchers who are part of the National Space Research Institute are working hard to establish a network of magnetometers all over South America. The magnetometer is an instrument which helps to track the intensity of the magnetic field. This project also involves other participants from the other parts of Latin America. […]