Africa in Space

Africa was not seen in the race for space till now, after the failure of Angosat-1, but now with Anglosat-2, the sub-Saharan nation is trying its hands again in launching a telecom satellite. To keep pace with the rest of the world, Ghana, Morocco, and Algeria are developing space programs. And African Union may boost […]

Alien life exists!

Have you ever wondered if Aliens were present in the space, how would they handle the radiations in the three-star Alpha Centauri System? We have heard of high radiation levels causing damage to our planet or skin or eyes, but what would happen if the radiation levels were lower than required, will life still sustain? […]

The reason behind cosmonauts peeing on the bus that is taking them to space

The Expedition 56/57 involving a three-person crew took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome which is located in Kazakhstan on the early morning of June 6. While they were approaching the rocket, the team or at least to mention, the Russian cosmonaut, Sergey Prokopyev made an odd move. The move is believed to have taken place […]

Jupiter Mission Extended by NASA

NASA’s Jupiter mission probe, Juno has been studying the massive planet for the last two years. The 1 USD billion mission was supposed to end after July this year. The probe was supposed to crash into the clouds of Jupiter. However, NASA has decided to extend its lifetime till July 2021.  The Juno probe mission […]

Garrett Reisman to resign

After serving SpaceX for more than seven years, the director of crew operations, Garrett Reisman has decided to leave his position. He has been offered a job at the University of Southern California to teach human spaceflight. Professor Garrett joined the University on Monday. However, he is still the consultant of SpaceX. He is always […]