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6 New Military Technologies

Military Technologies

The new discoveries in science and security will provide improved defence equipment, weapons, and all related hear to the military. The biggest governments are investing billions in creating new military solutions that will replace the older technology. Universities, defence contractors, and small tech startups are coming up with better alternatives to help the military on the ground. While war is not an option, military technologies are a treat for the tech geeks who are interested in learning about high-tech security and defence products. These new military innovations are meant to perform on ground, water, and space. Here is a list of the new military technologies that will get introduced to the mass soon by the government.

Unmanned submarine hunter

Self-steering bullets

While it may seem like a cool sci-fi gadget from a secret agent, self-steering bullets are no longer fiction. These .50 calibre bullets have tiny sensors that can change the course midair, giving the shooter a sniperlike accuracy and the ability to easily hit moving targets.

Unmanned submarine hunter

This underwater drone concept of a submarine hunter is a special project from DARPA to create Anti-Submarine Warfare Continous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV). This Sea Hunter can track and hunt submarines for months without any manual assistance.

Laser Cannons

The sci-fi laser cannons are now a reality with the Laser Weapon System tested by the Navy. These laser cannons will be used in ships and protect them from small boats and drones that are hard to shoot with other arms. Boeing is working with the US army to create truck-mounted lasers that will zap the threats instantly.

Plasma Protection Field

Boeing has created a system that can protect vehicles from blast damage by creating plasma fields. An ionized airfield will deflect the incoming blast and protect whatever is inside it. However, it cannot stop the projectile attacks like rocket-propelled grenades or missiles. This technology may also be used later on in vehicles to prevent damage from a blast.


We do have some of the best and creative camouflage systems to hide soldiers and vehicles from human sight. But these are not enough for the infrared vision systems and other security measures. Scientists at the University of California are working on creating invisibility patches made from the structural protein found in squids. It is called reflectin and can change the wavelengths that can go unnoticed for night vision systems.

New bomber

New bomber

The world knows about the bomber aircraft that the US Military already has. But the true fans are waiting for the next-generation Long-Range Strike Bomber. It will have a sleek airframe made from a hardened reflective material that can trick the radars. It will provide total stealth, high speed, and heavy bomb cargo capacity. While it is still a concept, it has a multibillion-dollar contract with Northrop Grumman and other subcontractors.

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