How To Choose The Right CBD Potency For You

If you want to enjoy CBD oil benefits, taking the right potency is important. CBD products are sold and marketed under different potencies and it is important to be able to distinguish that. Without this knowledge you might be taking a higher or a lower potency than you ought to. Below, learn more about CBD potencies, what that means, and what the right potency for you is. 

What does CBD potency mean?

CBD potency simply refers to the concentration of cannabidiol in the given product. Different CBD products have different concentrations of the hemp cannabidiol extract. So some have high concentrations which we call high potency and others have low concentrations which we refer to as low potency. A product with a low potency is not bad. And neither is a product with a high potency. They are all good and contain beneficial cannabidiol. The potencies vary simply because different users require different amounts of CBD. We all can’t take the same potency considering different people take CBD oil for difference conditions. 

How much CBD do I need to take?

First it is important to understand that the CBD potency you need to be taking is not fixed at all. For one, it varies from person to person depending on the condition they are looking to alleviate as well as their body size and body weight. If you are taking CBD oil for depression, you most likely will need to take a higher potency compared to someone taking CBD oil for appetite. And someone taking CBD for neuropathic pain will most likely need to take a little more than someone taking CBD oil for anxiety. 

Also, if you’re just beginning, it is important to start small and scale up gradually before reaching your recommended full potency. Don’t start with the total potency you’re recommended right on the first day. 

Overall, the recommended CBD potency varies roughly from 20mg to 150mg daily intake. The severity of your condition will determine where you lie on this potency spectrum. If unsure please consult your doctor or CBD seller. 

How do I tell the potency of a given CBD product?

Every hemp CBD product in the market should have the potency of its contents indicated on the label. For example, a bottle of CBD capsules could indicate the total potency of its contents to be 1500mg. And with 30 capsules inside, the label should explain that each pill therefore has a potency of approximately 50mg. 

You shouldn’t have to guess the potency of any CBD product you’re buying. If the potency is not indicated clearly, move to another product that has that information displayed. 

What happens if I take CBD with too much or too little potency?

If you take a CBD product with very little potency compared to what you should be taking, you will simply not see considerable results in your condition. And that might lead you to think that the CBD is not working. And if you take products with a very high potency compared to what you need, you will mostly likely experience some side effects. Luckily, CBD has no adverse side effects. You will most likely experience mild discomfort, sleepiness, and mild stomach pain. 

Are potency labels on CBD products accurate?

There are lot of sellers packaging and selling CBD products in the market today. Without a doubt, some of these sellers are not 100% legitimate. So no, not all potency labels on CBD products are accurate. Some are misleading and others are inaccurate. 

How do you get around all that? Buy from reputable companies and brands. Still don’t know where to buy CBD? CanaBD stocks CBD products from credible brands with good reviews and third-party lab testing. They have a whole lot of products that range from CBD oils to CDB capsules, edibles and vape oils.