After the Army, Airforce, Navy, and Coast Guard, it is the ‘Space Force’ (the new branch of the military) that President of the United States of America – Donald Trump announced on Monday.

At a meeting of the National Space Council on Monday, Trump mentioned that it is not only enough to have an American presence in space, but what is required is American dominance at space. In the context of this great propaganda, Trump directed by saying so to the Department of Defence and the Pentagon to immediately initiate the necessary processes to establish the space force, which will also be the 6th branch of the armed forces. He mentioned that as America has the Air Force, it is going to have the Space Force, both separate yet equal and something that it will be. 

In a statement from Dana White, Chief Pentagon spokeswoman, she said that military along with the Congress and stakeholders would work in moving forward the new policy. White stated in her statement that, they understand the guidance by the President an on which the policy Board with a start its work on the subject, which also has its implications on intelligence operations for the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. 

NASA‘s head stated that the agency profoundly supports the President’s position that forges a sustained and focused space policy that strengthens America’s leadership in space. 

In a statement from Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, he quoted that as America continues to thrive its position in space, it will have more individuals launching into orbit and will form an expanding and complex universe full of satellites on top. Adding to the President’s directives, he mentioned that it would provide guideline and opportunities to ensure America’s leadership in providing a safe and secure environment with increased space traffic. Situational space awareness and proper management of traffic are going to be good for the country’s economy, along with providing a much more stable environment for the uncontrollably increasing space economy. 

Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in his respond mentioned that, they got it, to President Trump, when he announced on the Space Force, Monday morning. An official of the Joints Chiefs of Staff mentioned that space had been a warfighting domain and the Joint Chief of Staff will all work along with Congress, Pentagon, and stakeholders on mentioned guidelines of the President.