Why direct non-stop moves are much safer during the coronavirus pandemic

Moving as it is, is a strenuous and tiring process. Coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes even more stressful since you have to factor in the safety of your family and that of the people involved in the move. 

We now know that the coronavirus is transmitted by coming into contact with an already infected person’s spit or mucus. Minimizing the chances of this happening is essential to protecting everyone involved in the move. 

A direct, non-stop mover will pack and load your belongings on a truck and deliver them on the same truck at the pre-determined time in the new location. The alternative to direct, non-stop movers are van lines. Van lines are moving companies that have multiple national offices that work together to transport your belongings. Here are some of the reasons why making a direct non-stop move is much safer during this pandemic.

  • Minimal contact

With a direct, non-stop mover, you’ll have a dedicated truck transporting your items. This means that there will be very few people handling your belongings. This minimizes the chances of them coming into contact with infected people. It also means that you do not have to share a moving truck with anyone, further minimizing the chances of contamination.

  • Delivery in the same truck your belongings were picked up in

Non-stop delivery means that your items will not sit in a warehouse waiting to be transferred onto another truck. This minimizes the chances of contamination.

  • Safety of your belongings

A non-stop, direct mover ensures that your items will be handled by fewer people. Not only does this lower the chances of contamination, but it also helps with the safety and reduces the chances of your belongings getting damaged, or even worse – stolen.

  • On-time delivery

With a van line delivery, the delivery dates depend on factors that are not in your control. Since you only pay for the space your belongings use up in their van, you’ll have to wait until they fill up the rest of the van before they start making deliveries. With direct, non-stop movers, delivery doesn’t depend on anyone else. Your items will be delivered on the agreed date and time.

The only downside to having a dedicated truck deliver your belongings is the cost. You will still have to pay for the entire truck even if your items do not fill it. It is a small price to pay considering the convenience and peace of mind it accords you. You are guaranteed that your items will not mix with anyone else’s which translates to lower chances of contamination or your stuff ending up in someone else’s address. 

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