How to Go About Choosing the Perfect Moving Date for Your Relocation

Moving is a process that requires lots of prior planning to avoid any frustrations along the way. As it were, moving is said to be one of life’s most daunting experiences so you must do everything you can to make your relocation a hassle-free process as possible. Choosing the perfect moving date is one of the factors to consider for a seamless transition. Here are some factors that should help you to settle on the date that is most ideal for your relocation.

  1. Your Current Lease

If you are renting the home that you currently live in, it is very important to be aware of when your lease is expiring. Ensure that you choose a moving date that is within your lease because moving outside of your lease could have you incur extra charges from your landlord. Planning your move to be on the last day of your lease is also ideal, as long as you are all packed and ready to go on the said day.

  1. New Dates of Work

If your move is occasioned by work, find out what date you are expected to report to work and schedule your move to be complete a few days to this. While some companies will hire movers for you as part of your new job’s package, it is still important to schedule your move days before your first day of reporting to work in order to have a clean start. Avoid having a crash program that could have you on the phone with your longdistancemovers, especially if you are doing a state to state move, while trying to settle into your first day at your new job. 

  1. Consider School Dates

Are you relocating to join a new school? Do you have any school-going children? All these factors should be top of mind as you pick your moving date. Do not decide to move in the middle of a school term as your children’s education will definitely be disrupted. If you are joining college, ensure that your move dates give you enough time to settle in before first day of school.

  1. Distance of Your Move

A short move can be done easily on a weekend especially if you are moving a few towns away, or a few blocks down. However, if you must enlist the professional help of interstate moving companies for your long-distance move, you must plan ahead and secure a date that will work for you and your family. Furthermore, most moving companies will expect you to settle on a moving date well in advance with an upfront payment that is a percentage of the entire amount you will pay them. This will definitely need you to be very sure before settling on a moving date.

Finally, choosing the perfect moving date for your relocation must be thought out very well. Keep in mind the factors mentioned above to avoid any last minute rushes that will only serve to cause your moving-day anxiety. Call us today for a moving estimate well ahead of your moving day for professional long distance moving services.