Since the time satellites have been launched into space, there have been few simple points which are followed automatically. Firstly, whenever any satellite is launched, everyone hopes for its success and fulfilling of objectives but at the same time, each one of us knows that it is not going to last there in the space forever! Secondly, when a satellite loses its contact with the Earth-based stations, there are n chances to discover back that lost satellite. In simple words, lost satellites have never been fund again! But to everyone’s utter surprise something happened that made us rethink about our rules for satellites! Well, a lost satellite is trying t contact still!

The orbiter called IMAGE had disappeared long back after staying there in its orbit for more than five years. The IMAGE orbiter belonged to NASA (National Aeronautics Space Agency). When it got lost everybody, including the NASA officials and authorities, thought that it would never be found again! But then, during last January, IMAGE was sensed by an amateur satellite. It was found that the lost satellite was trying to rebuild connection. It was trying to talk to its ground station. 

Jeffrey J.E. Hayes, who is a program executive for missions (National Aeronautics Space Agency HQ), said that he had been serving the space sector since years and it never happened that a lost satellite or spacecraft was discovered back. He further added that most probably, the IMAGE spacecraft or the zombie spacecraft was gaining life again. 

After the new indications and information on the zombie satellite, the scientists and researchers of US are making every possible effort to discover back the IMAGE satellite. NASA had lost contact with IMAGE in the year 2005, but now the satellite is transmitting again, as per NASA officials. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory members and other scientists are continually trying to locate and contact the lost satellite. As per the sources from NASA, the IMAGE is in good shape and also contains a fully charged battery. Thus, there are big chances of relocating the satellite. Since the satellite has been found again, the scientists are constantly monitoring its signals. The signals keep on vary in strength. Initially, the signs coming from IMAGE were strong, but then they dropped. Later some weak signals were found again. Now the recent signals from the satellite have been found strong yet. Thus, the committed team is trying hard to locate the IMAGE satellite in the best possible way.