The Royal Air Force is thinking of the situation of utilizing constellations of CubeSats as well as other small satellites to enhance the hold of the military regarding space activities and as a result, improve resilience as well. Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hiller made this statement. 

At a recently concluded conference, Hiller said that military is exploring opportunities to make use of cost-effective technologies and thereby get command over the space exploration activities which will make military operations much more vigilant in comparison to the current scenario of slow-paced space exploration activities. He further added saying that enhancing efficiency, resilience and rapid adaptability to different situations is what the military high command thinks to do. Therefore they are adapting to small CubeSat constellations whose replacement and working speed is much faster and cost-effective.

He even reiterated the fact that in the later phase of the development process the military has the desire also to develop one kilogram of Cubesat. In January, the Royal Air Force had launched the Earth observation mini satellite which is known as the Carbonite-2. The demonstration activity had been a huge success according to Hiller. Such an event was conducted in Joint Venture between the Royal Air Force Base and the satellite manufacturer, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

Hiller said that their efficiency level had increased manifolds which show from the establishment of a low earth orbit satellite which got ready within eight months from the stage of their conceptualization to the scene of launching. The project cost was pegged around 4.5 million pounds. This was just a beginning to find out how the Royal Air Force was able to adapt themselves to the latest technologies in the field of space exploration. He further added saying that if they could resort to cost-effective satellites, then it would not hurt them in case of an emergency whereby they would be required to replace any particular satellite which had become outdated and thereby no longer needed. 

Only time will tell that whether such small CubeSats could be a boon for the US military forces and also for the UK satellite navigation system, a project which the UK space agency is currently executing. In line with this activity, the UK administration has recently launched a UL Space Task Force to look into the space exploration issues after being banned from all such contracts by the European Union due to Brexit issues.