One of the last lots of Falcon 9 rockets of the SpaceX company has been shifted to the Company’s California launch pad. This is mainly done to initiate a recovery attempt which is slated to take place on Tuesday.

Although the company has made many efforts in the launching of new versions of Falcon 9 Block 5 rockets, still some of the older versions are waiting for their last lap of launching to space. The latest version of the Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket has excellent features of reusability and has been pretty successful in launching the Bangabandhu-1 which was the first satellite of the Bangladesh Government. At this very moment, there are still four rockets which will be launched which involves the sooty Falcon 9 first stage.

This particular rocket had faced troubles while landing when it had launched the mysterious Zuma mission in the year of 2018 and in January. This was stated to have re-entered the earth’s atmosphere minutes after it reached the orbital position. The purpose was considered to be a failure, and the entire blame was given to the Northrop Grumman who had designed the payload adapter as well as the deployment mechanism.

In spite of this problem, the same rocket booster of the SpaceX company which had lifted off the much controversial Zuma mission is all set to load a new payload into space from the launch pad of SLC-4E. This launch pad is situated in Vandenberg Air Force Base. The number of this particular rocket is B1043 which is scheduled to position itself within the orbital position for the second time carrying along with it seven satellites.     Five of such satellites belong to the iridium variety, and the remaining satellites are lifted up for specific other scientific mission. Such mission is known as the GRACE-FO.

As for the company is concerned it will be scrapping off B1043 Falcon 9 version after it completes the job of positioning GRACE-FO into its desired orbit. This shows that the company would be using the last possible launching activity. At the current situation, experts have advised that it won’t be prudent to reuse the flight for than two times after refurbishing them properly. However, the company is pretty determined the reuse the older versions till the new translation captures the market appropriately. The Falcon 9 Block 5 version will be re-used 10 to 100 times with minimum repairs and maintenance.