To fill the blind spots in the antimissile defense system of Russia, the possibility of starting the sensors in the space has been looked by the Pentagon. However, this is not considered great news since previously a total of six administrations have weighed such a similar concept of searching for deploying the sensors in space, but none of those were materialized. Only two of the satellites were launched as a means of an experiment which was done during the presidency of George W. Bush, and these satellites are considered to be still there in orbit. The administration of Trump has sought a lot of funds by the year 2020 so that a constellation of sensors can be sent to space.  

One of the most dangerous space weapons is said to be made by Russia, and these sensors are supposed to warn whether hypersonic testing is done by Russia. These are to be detected easily with the help of sensors which are to be sent to space. Even though the thought of space sensor layer is considered to be progressional but right now it’s primary concern is the budget. This is stated by the senior at the Center for International and Strategic Studies named Tom Karako.  

The Pentagon is said to have various plans for the Ballistic Missile Defense. Russia and China are supposed to be launching hypersonic glide vehicles, and both are supposed to have nuclear warheads. However, one of the drawbacks of the Pentagon is that it lacks time to build defense architecture to stop the nuclear warheads. The 2020 budget is the only one which has the cost to support such defense architecture. But 2019 budget might be increased to build it. Senior defense officials even said to start a program related to this program related to this.  

The director of Missile Defense Agency namely Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves has always been on board with launching sensors in space. General John Hyten who is the U.S Strategic Commander is also said to be on board with it. The Pentagon has studied a lot about the uses of the space sensors so that they don’t face any problem during their launch. A plan for launching LEO constellation which is Low Earth Orbit was put forward by the Pentagon during the Clinton Years.