A “Space Force” should be developed within the defense department was the topic of debate recently between the White House and Congress. As some believes that it will be more beneficial if an organization is developed which is quite similar to Coast Guard.

On May 27, in a panel discussion, it was suggested by experts and some government officials that it is possible that “Space Guard” can serve as a useful tool for dealing with space security-related issues.

Greg Autry, a professor who has also served on NASA transition said that: We have to identify how we can simply implement compliance along with the laws which we have to pass on on-orbit. A solution to resolve this issue can be space guard model.

In present scenario, there is no single agency or department which is alone managing U.S interests in space. Several efforts which were made recently like SPD-2 can help, but alone it is also not sufficient. Said George Nield, who earlier worked with Federal Aviation Administration. He said most appropriate and feasible solution can be developing Space Guard which is modeled at Coast Guard. The only mission he has is to ensure the good safety of space and also adopt all necessary measure in order to preserve the environment of space.

Nield also mentioned that, this space guard will serve in civilian department and defense department both for peace time and war time respectively. It will be having good existing capabilities as well as new capabilities. This time we have aimed to contribute with a more efficient job. We want to do better than what other agencies and departments are doing at present. Also, we are looking forward to address new responsibilities like rescue, inspection and more, which are not being addressed and handled currently.

Though this idea of creating a Space Guard is not a new thing, it’s just it got attention recently. Prior to this, this matter was not taken seriously, said Michael Laine.  He also added that at present there is no panelist for space security responsibilities. And if Air Force thinks the existing state is okay then they are not right in it as they are not fundamentally sound and well equipped to deal with conditions of the new environment. 

Some changes are mandatory in order to cope up with the new environment.  A new change can be motivating and exciting as well. .” Said George Nield.