Space exploration has always been a grand venture, made by humankind. What does the future hold for space investigation? Nobody can answer it correctly, but yes, the progress of space science will never stop. However, there were, there are, and there would be instances that confer some important collaboration of International Space Centers. The collaborations happen mainly with some specific goals. At times, some space discoveries call for stunning arrangements and these arrangements may not be organized by one single space center and that is the reason why collaboration takes place frequently. 

A current piece of information has landed, and that stirred up the media. U.N. Office for Outer Space Affairs has confirmed long-term collaboration with China. This would be an excellent achievement for Asia, as not many countries from this continent have been able to take the leading position in Space discoveries. Truth to be told, Asian countries are far behind than the U.S.A and Russia in Space science. Thus, this news of collaboration seems to be too important to ignore. In Vienna, the U.N. Office held a service to celebrate new joint efforts with China. 

The entire world of space science is eager and keenly investigates this unique worldwide collaboration endeavor. China’s Manned Space Agency and the U.N. organization for Outer Space Affairs have been devoted to inquiring about and collaborating for quiet space investigation. In the year of 2016, they consented to an arrangement permitting both U.N. part states and creating nations to direct space probes board China’s new space station that is set to be propelled into space in the near future of 2022. 

The piece of news is accepted gladly by China. This will be China’s third era Chinese Space Station. It is being intended to help a three-man group to live and work locally available persistently. It will be utilized to assemble relevant research to enable better to comprehend space and investigate the likelihood of living there. 

The statement from U.N. Office for Outer Space Affairs reads like this: “If we can change the observation that space is something far away, that it isn’t a piece we can imagine. I trust that the following stage in the space-time will be for every one of us to go and invest energy, and figure out how to live in microgravity.” As nations and private area are increasing their community-oriented endeavors in space investigation, it might take us to interminability and past.