The Kilauea volcano on Big Island of Hawaii has been in the news for a couple of months. The active volcano is continually damaging the beauty and attraction of the Big Island. The continuous flow of lava and the fissures that are erupting from the Kilauea volcano were captured in the latest aerial shots by the Hawaii Army National Guard. The photographs show the lower Puna area of Big Island. These images were clicked on 23rd May 2018. 

The Big Island pictures which are being taken recently are infrared images clicked through satellites. These pictures are important as they are showing the damage done by Kilauea volcano very clearly. While the active volcano continues spitting poisonous gases and hot lava, the images have rightly depicted the whole condition showing natural colors and actual damage on the Hawaiian Island.   

The infrared images of the island are beneficial to understand the correct condition of the Big Island. These images let one identify the damaged area, the wholly burnt parts, and the non-damaged area. While you see the infrared images of Big Island captured by the satellite, you can see the undamaged vegetation in a red hue. Also, you can see the hot blazing lava in bright yellow or rang color. The lava that has cooled down and the vegetation that is wholly burnt now can be seen in the black shade in the latest infrared images. DigitalGlobe (satellite imagery and analytics firm) set its camera in such a way on 23rd May that it could cover a big part of the flowing lava area). The recent position of the camera also took few close-up pictures of Puna Geothermal power plant which is in definite danger because of the lava flowing out from the active Kilauea volcano. 

During the whole incident of lava erupting from Kilauea volcano, the Leilani Estates area has remained as an epicenter. Leilani Estates is a residential neighborhood on the Big Island. The eruption of Kilauea volcano began in the first week of May. After the eruption started, the essential orders were released by the Hawaii country for evacuation of the place. Almost two thousand people evacuated from the neighborhood area called Leilani Estates. Not only Leilani Estates but several other neighborhood areas of Big Island were being evacuated to protect the people from the precise risks that could occur from the hot burning lava. Sources say that the lava has done a lot of damage. It has destroyed more than 50 buildings and has also damaged about two dozen homes.