Eric W. Stallmer, the President of Commercial Spaceflight Federation, wrote a letter to NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstine addressing the need of democratizing America’s most significant space enterprise. This letter appeared on 14th of May in the Space News Magazine. Eric congratulated Jim on becoming NASA’s 13th administrator and discussed the minute details he needs to look after to enjoy being in the top hierarchy of the world’s most iconic space research agency. He mentioned that NASA has varied areas of research and as the leader, your partnership has reached the next level. Now to maintain sustainable commercial ecosystem, you should maintain healthy business relations with the U.S. commercial space industry. He assertively stated that now we must emphasize on returning to the moon, as it is the soft target we long forgot. Moon is within our reach and a convenient escape to save earth from the forecasted annihilation. He told Jim about following fundamentals: 

Your team constitutes of the finest scientists across the globe. They are hardworking, passionate and above all professional. Nasa has been rated the best place to work consecutively for six years. You need to be dexterous in your leadership and management while working with them.

The people of America think highly of NASA, and you have to ensure their faith remains the support you need.

The funds will keep flowing as long as the work speaks of its glory and people believe in what you say. For the financial year 2018, you have $20.7 billion, and for 2019, $810 million is inside the vault to be utilized for the development of this magnificent organization.

Eric also narrated the infinite possibilities and exciting future with unique opportunities at NASA. He mentioned that president Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the National Space Council are huge supporters of NASA and would do everything in their power to accommodate NASA with the best possible facilities. Eric mentioned that the American space industry was increasing and at such a pace, these innovations will be out-competing the world. To make this a routine, Jim needed to involve commercial space companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin to increase the number of reusable orbit launch vehicles that NASA has. 

Eric also wrote that the Space commerce being a new field altogether needed attention. From investors, media or familiar people, from  Starman to Mannequin Skywalker or the latest concepts for space stations; a new generation of young researchers is all set to build and launch experiments under the guidance of experts, and Jim has to prepare them to start space missions. NASA has begun democratization and citizens should soon get the space enterprise they always dreamt of, Eric stated.