Gazing at star constellations and imagining the figures hidden in them is a childhood play which all of us do even after getting matured. This particular news piece is for those who want to see a star constellation more explicitly. Yes! The upcoming Mother’s Day will indeed be unique as the Earth Goddess Virgo appears comparatively brighter in the sky. 

There are many constellations which are quite big. Virgo is also one prominent constellation. It is in fact, the second largest constellation. The Virgo constellation is also unusual because it is the only female figure among all zodiac constellations. The female figure hidden in the Virgo constellation is often associated with Mother Earth. Hence, what would be a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than watching Mother Earth in the sky!

The stunning Virgo constellation can be observed in the evening hours. It includes most of the area of the southern sky. Most of the stars of this constellation are quite dim, but stargazers, as well as sky-observers, create a perfect pattern that matches the stars appropriately to receive a figure of a young female having a shawl upon her shoulders. The beautiful figure of Mother Goddess portrayed in the Virgo constellation is compared with few other goddesses including the Greek Goddess of Justice called Astraea and also with Demeter Goddess. The Virgo female is imagined to hold a spike of wheat in her hand. This spike can also be noticed clearly with the female figure when you watch the vast constellation called Virgo. 

As mentioned earlier, the Virgo constellation is one of the principal constellations in all the eighty-eight constellations which are presently identified and observed in the sky. While Virgo is considered the second largest among these constellations, the exciting fact to mention is that the largest constellation lies just below the Virgo.  The most extensive constellation that lies near Virgo is called Hydra- the water snake. It can be noticed from east to west directions of the sky. The underlying reason behind the most significant size of this constellation is its unusual length which keeps stretching through many nearby stars. 

Watching the Virgo constellation in the sky will indeed prove to be a delightful event as it will appear on Mother’s Day. So do not forget to watch it with your mother and the entire family. Set your schedule for viewing this natural delight.