Britain space industry continues to experience some huge growth, and this is expected to continue even after the Brexit with the United Kingdom stamping its authority as a European hub for space. This what one of the MP had to say. The Britain government has been able to set its focus on the space industry. The government has set aside a huge amount of fund under the Strategy Challenge Fund. To be precise, the amount that was allocated for the new National Satellite Testing Facility is 100 million pounds. This hub is expected to be fully functional by the year 2020.

According to Jesse Norman, a member of parliament under the Secretary of state for Transport, he has reiterated that the UK government has one of the best space legislation in the world. The government has been thinking of how they can be able to expand the spaceport capabilities. The government continues to maintain a very close relationship with the private sector. While he was speaking at the Policy Exchange event, he did address the topic of space. He said that there was an existing boom in the industry that is mainly energized on all fronts.

He added and said that there was nothing that was standing between the UK and becoming the best European hub for space. This statement was backed by Patrick Wood and Air Marshal Edward. The experts who are working in fields such as space, communications and various military navigation systems continues to believe that the UK is on its way towards asserting itself as a global leader when it comes to space exploration. A good example has been the excitement that has been created by the people who are in the industry and those who are not very active in the industry. The government plan is to be ‘able to donate 10 percent of the world space industry market. One of the best ways of staying ahead of your competitors usually does rely on being able to recognize the importance of the mutual co-operation. Among some of the most active countries when it comes to space exploration usually includes Japan, Australia, and Korea. On May 8TH, the Australian government was able to launch a very impressive

India has also been able to enjoy the benefits that come with space exploration. Many people have been able to support the international cooperation. If competition is there with the view of making enhancing the space exploration, then, it is a very healthy competition.