NASA has a plan to station a staging area which is specifically fabricated for in-depth study of the moon and the environment circumfering the same. The plinth will ultimately and eventually enact like a way station for astronauts traveling from and towards Mars. The staging area is named Linda Orbital Platform-Gateway.

This will be launched in the year 2022. NASA has spent a lot on the propulsion elements of this podium and has also discharged a significant amount on the habitation components of the Lunar Orbital Platform. A 41-year-old NASA veteran named Gerstenmaier has said that the Lunar Orbital Platform will begin its mission with a total of four astronauts. This momentous and stupendous mission will last for about a month. It is said to orbit the moon in the year 2025.

The path of operating, understanding and forbearing the orbital mechanisms of the moon would be easily possible with the assistance of the launch of this ingenious platform. NASA is planning to determine other aspects of the moon’s surface and the moon’s orbital space. Other than the fact that this would be NASA’s second-time human landing on the surface of the moon, the launch of Lunar Orbital Platform will also help NASA in determining whether the water near it’s shallow exterior could be implemented in manufacturing propellants for other deep and stupendous.

The rocket capsules’ re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere would also be made easy with the help of the launch of this platform. The gravity of the moon helps in doing so by reducing the excessive speed of the spacecraft which travels to and from Mars. Getting to cognize and comprehend moon’s atmosphere and orbital space is utterly difficult if done from the earth’s surface.

The present propulsion systems used for various space missions are not driven by high power since they are not designed in such a way. However, for the goal of returning to the moon, NASA has selected a total of five important companies and has asked them to study about propulsion system driven by high solar electric power.

This type of missions like the Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway would require a power which is three times stronger than the current propulsion systems. The first trip to the gateway will be boarded by the Orion which is a spacecraft provided by Lockheed Martin Corporation.