Russia is already in its final stage of the overall preparation to launch the Proton-M rocket together with the Blagovest 12L Military communications satellite. The space mission was planned and expected to take place last December 25, 2017. However, it was delayed for many times and Russia does not provide any reasons for the reschedules of the launch. 

The mission is known for its military nature. Little is also known about the pre-launch and launch of the military mission. The manufacturer of the satellite, ISS Reshetnev explained that the spacecraft had been delivered to Baikonur earlier last March. The Blagovest satellite has made its journey to cosmodrome which is accompanied by the ISS specialists, already begin the final preparations of the spacecraft and ready for its launch. The checkouts and necessary operations will are due to start soon. 

The Blagovest 12L satellite is designed to deliver high-speed data transmission. This is also referred as a high-capacity satellite for telecommunications. Blagovest 12L is based on Reshetney Express 2000 platform which can host payloads for up to 1 metric ton. The bus offers a precise station keeping abilities, three-axis stabilization ad combine electric and chemical propulsion systems. 

With the Blagovest 12L two deployable solar arrays, it can host high payload which is provided by Thales Alenia Space. The spacecraft is operating in the Q-Band High-Frequency Range and Ka-Band frequency. This is what makes as one of the different satellites that can use Q-band communications, which supports high bandwidths. The goal is the Blagovest satellite to provide high-speed internet access, radio and television broadcasting, communication services as well as video conferencing and telephony services.

If the Blagovest 12L satellite goes well with the plan, the satellite will stay in a geosynchronous orbit. The spacecraft is also one of the four satellites that will comprise the planned series, which will be operated by the (RAF) or the Russian Aerospace Forces. The launch of the first Blagovest 11L, which took place on August 17, 2017. The Russian Ministry also plans to launch the two remaining satellites, the Blagovest 13L, Blagovest 14L, roughly by 2020. 

To deploy the Blagovest 12L, the Proton-M rocket will hover in a configuration, which includes the Briz-M upper stage that is power-driven by the main engine. The control system of the Briz-M consists of a navigation system, an onboard computer, and gyro-stabilized the platform.