A new startup in the form of providing images has come up into the scene. The name of this new startup is Earth Now. This startup has been developed to provide pictures of the planet as and when required. It is also been formed to provide high-quality videos as and when required by the clients. Some of the famous personalities have been said to be backing up this startup. Bill Gates, Airbus, Softbank and even Greg Wyler who is the founder member of One Web have been giving full support to this startup.

Job on hand

In its initial stages, this starts up has promised to set up a group of satellites that will deliver high-quality videos of any part of the earth within a few seconds to spare. The people and the fans won’t be required to wait for any particular satellite to come within the range or even worry about leaving the range. Anyone of the two will be in a position to view any particular area at any particular time. Subsequently, the view can be passed off to the next satellite if it is at all necessary.

This startup has in its initial stages has targeted high valued commercial enterprises as well as various government agencies. Some of the major scopes of work that is listed in its armory are illegal fishing vessels, storm monitoring, forest fires while tracking and so on. Thus the work of this startup will begin to increase to a huge extent if all these constellations start executing subsequently.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Russell Hannigan, who was previously associated with the Intellectual Ventures, has started this venture and it is very much in its nascent stage. However though in its early stages, the company is short of getting any timeline for prototype or even testing.

The support of OneWeb Connection with EarthNow will mean that it will have a huge platform for a highly developed satellite platform. The company has specified that using these satellites will help them to get equipped with a huge amount of ongoing processing power, which will also include CPUs which will outnumber all other CPUs that are running.

A large portion of this work will be related to video processing as well as compression hardware. The main objective will minimize bandwidth as well as latency but it will ensure that no compromise on the part of quality will be made.