Prior it went bankrupt last 2017, XCOR Aerospace had ambitious plans to fly guests to space with the help of the reusable Lynx suborbital vehicle of the company. But today, the assets of the company will be given for a more charitable purpose: offering high school and college students with hands-on experience with space and rocket technology. 

A non-profit agency called “Build A Plane” bought the assets of XCOR at auction for only under $1.1 million, based on court reports. The figure was slightly above the $1 million bid made by Space Florida, an organization, which supports space in the Sunshine State and is one of the biggest creditors of XCOR.

According to the founder of the organization, Lyn Freeman, Build A Plane prefers to utilize the assets for a new school the agency wishes to establish in Lancaster, California. The concept of being that they could get kids – if they had a facility – that they could get students from across the nation who were to come and learn about rocketry and aerospace specifically. 

The great thing about this is that the facility would be co-located along with a functioning aerospace firm so that when they created rocket components, for instance, they could open the doors and step out into a 20,000 sq. Ft. Aerospace fabrication equipment. 

The stakeholder for the project is the Sage Cheshire Aerospace, which is a fabrication company headquartered in Lancaster, which built the Red Bull Stratos capsule. The partners are looking for property on which to establish the production facility and the school.

It is the major foray of Build A Plane into aerospace. For the past fifteen years, the non-profit organization has concentrated on getting firms to donate airplanes to high schools to offer students hands-on experience with repairing, creating and refurbishing aircraft. Build A Plane has put over 300 aircraft with aviation clubs and schools. 

The organization hasn’t considered yet what to do with the assets of XCOR. Freeman and a few groups of volunteers have spent days at the hangar of the company that is loaded with parts, supplies, and equipment. The building is located at Mojave Air and Space Port in California and is also consists of half-finished Lynx and complete-scale model of the 2-set space plane made out of strong fiberglass. Freeman claimed that it made him gloomy to see the dream of spaceflight of XCOR fall short.