An unmanned Russian ship has successfully docked at the International Space Station (ISS) which sets to deliver fresh supplies for all the crew. Roscosmos said that the spacecraft docked at the station on Thursday and aims to bring the 3 tons of food, instrument, and fuel. The Russian spacecraft was launched Tuesday at the Space Complex in Kazakhstan.

The initial launch of the cargo ship that was set on Sunday was postponed at the last minute due to some glitch. Instead of sticking to the original plan, a new test regime was made and the launch of the cargo ship was made. There were six astronauts who aboard the space station and two of them are Russians, three are Americans and one from Japan. 

Progress 68, the cargo ship who docked at the International Space Station just came after the launch of the Soyuz rocket. The Russian cargo ship carries almost 3,000 kilograms of supplies for all the space station’s crew, according to the NASA’s officials. The supplies also include 23 kg of oxygen, 24 kg of air, 1, 349 kg of dry cargo, 879 kg of propellant and 420 kg of water. The Russian Federal Space Agency planned to launch the cargo ship to test if the flight will take exactly 3.5 hours just to reach the International Space Station. However, as what mentioned earlier, the launch was aborted in its last minute due to Soyuz rocket issues. 

The launch was delayed which forces the Progress 68 to shift to a more rendezvous travel to the space station due to the mechanics that are involved in getting to the orbiting laboratory. Russia’s Progress 68 spacecraft was one of the few robotic cargo ships that have the ability to deliver goods and supplies to the crew of the International Space Station. 

Just recently, the SpaceX launches their Falcon 9 rocket that carries cargo spacecraft from the Cape Canaveral. The spacecraft is filled with 5,800 pounds of supplies, vehicle hardware, and payloads. This also includes materials and instrument that supports an investigation on board of the space station’s laboratory. The Dragon spacecraft of the SpaceX has made history after its successful commercial flight of delivering supplies to the crew and return back to Earth with cargo. This is now the 14th Commercial Services of the SpaceX and they continue to supply the six people on the International Space Station.