SpaceX, beating the United Launch Alliance (ULA) has won the contract to send an Air Force satellite in space on its Falcon Heavy rocket. The Air Force satellite, AFSPC-52 is planned to be launched in 2020. It cost $130 million to SpaceX which is competitive and low-priced when compared to the average cost price of Delta 4 rocket, close to $350 million. Delta 4 was aimed to be used by the ULA, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing to send the Air Force satellite into space. The inexpensive and reasonable mission offered by SpaceX has won it this opportunity and all this when NASA hasn’t built its heavy-lift rocket so far. 

The companies contended with each other, to reduce the costs of the mission for the government. According to Lt. Gen., John Thompson, SpaceX is competent and suitable for the mission as it offers pliable and modest space missions. It is vital for the Nation to sustain entry in space missions.  For this reason, SpaceX has got the vote of confidence of US Air Force. The giant Falcon Heavy lived up to the expectations when it was launched for the first time in February and enhanced government’s trust in SpaceX.

It is a moment of prestige and honor for SpaceX and the National security, it promises the taxpayers of the Nation to provide worthwhile, and dependable launch services. In the past, SpaceX exhausted two years trying to achieve certification for the Falcon 9 and spent around $60 million. It filed a lawsuit against the USAF as well, to get the certificate to send Falcon on military missions. SpaceX is now free from the dragging process of certification, and after the dropping of the lawsuit by them, it has won numerous contracts from USAF. SpaceX is thankful to the Air Force that it has certified Falcon Heavy, assigning them a remarkable mission. 

The mission would launch more than two dozen satellites, smaller in size, in space. After the successful second launch, the third launch is expected by the end of this year. The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that it is an honor to launch this mission at a discount even though the expenses to develop Falcon Heavy are $500 million because SpaceX expects that the fabulous Falcon would earn money through its customers. Falcon Heavy sets a new category of payload, capable of launching one more than twice as many payloads as any other rocket globally.