According to the 2018 report, the rationale decision of SpaceX to accelerate its business into the operation and construction of a massive internet business is known as Starlink. This was brought into sharp contrast, introducing how tiny the orbital market launches is compared with the markets, which makes the same entry. 

It should be acknowledged that SpaceX strives to launch vehicles over the decades and have been interestingly focused on reducing the orbit access cost. In fact, the underlying economy suggests increasing the orbital access growth. If the buying cost of the goods would be less, people could be able to buy it. The launch market is alike, but the only difference is that  reaching orbit has no inherent value of its own. The satellites, payloads, and humans, which are delivered there, make it more valuable. 

The launch market needs to decrease the cost of the satellites. Besides, SpaceX desires to do with reusability of the orbit access cost. Anyhow, the cargo cost being placed, where there would be no reason to increase the demand for launches. The internal effort of SpaceX is to enter Starlink and develop it from scratch. The vast majority of cheap and reliable mass- producible satellite operates the software and hardware and also orbits within the broadband network. The comparable companies such as Oneweb focused on introducing a new generation of miniaturized satellites. This is created to set for the future where the price of orbital payloads decreases just as the cost of launching them.    

SpaceX will be launching a constellation of four,425 Ka/Ku, low earth orbit satellites in the year 2019. Starlink will offer broadband speeds same as optic fiber networks. The satellites will provide new shoppers Wi-Fi connections directly. According to FCC chairman Ajit Pai, Starlink is such a dynamic innovation which could supply high-speed web to rural people. The license would enable SpaceX for six years to install all of the satellites through FCC. 

According to SpaceX, CEO Elon Musk, Starlink would perform as an excellent enabler for the rural people. The microstat 2b and 2a satellites will validate the performance and design of the platform, which is expected to be tested for 20 months. SpaceX is also checking three-floor stations and six-floor stations, which is fixed throughout the US. Starlink will be keeping its paper works with FCC.