Philippe Starck, a French designer, has successfully come up with a womblike orbiting habitat. This lush habitat would accommodate the customers of Axiom Space. In 2022, the Axiom Space will begin to launch trips for space tourists into low-Earth orbit to the International Space Station. Philippe Starck has been a well-known interior and consumer products, designer. He has now reached an altogether different phase where he has drawn a womblike chamber for space tourists. According to him, it’s essential for the crew members to feel comfortable and homely. His creation convinces everyone to function happily, enjoying the facilities of the heaven-like chamber.

Let’s learn more about this perfect habitat.

The walls of the beautiful chamber are enclosed with soft padding and LED lights that illuminate the womblike habitat and twinkles it with colorful LED lights. To make the serene view of earth possible, the egg-like shell has a private cabin installed with video screens as well as picture windows. To have a more extensive look at the earth, tourists can visit the glass-walled ‘Cupola.’ The station’s window observatory, ‘Cupola’ is the largest window observatory ever constructed. According to Mike Suffredini, CEO, everyone can comfortably sleep, look out of the window and make phone calls. The availability of wi-fi and high-speed internet would make all this possible.  The affluent journey would cost a handsome price in return for the congenial and friendly habitat.

This would be a 10-day stay aboard trip which would cost $55 million. The total expenditure would also include the cost of a rocket ride to reach the chamber. Compared to Silicon Valley-based Orion Span’s trip which offers a 12-day stay aboard in its space hotel for $9.5 million only. Silicon Valley-based Orion Span’s also plans to open in low-Earth orbit in 2022.

For those who find these abodes expensive then a suborbital flight can also be an option. Though SpaceX until mid-2019 has delayed its plans of sending tourists around the moon, there are two alternatives to experience an affordable flight: Blue Origin will charge around $100,000 to $200,000, and Virgin Galactic will cost $250,000. Both will charge for a six-minute trip to an altitude of 62 miles. There is no idea as to when will these two companies begin these flights, but they assure to provide an affordable plane where the tourists would undergo an ethereal and adventurous journey under zero- gravity.