If you are a sci-fi movie fanatic and you hope to cross the earthly borders for your next holiday, then start saving for that out of the world already. You need to pay a whopping $800,000 a night by 2022, for a hotel in space. Also, an $80,000 deposit need to be paid for reservations online, which is fully refundable of course.

Holidays are meant to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, but what if you get to see 384 of them in just 12 days? Yes, that`s the space scenario of a holiday for you, its unmatched to those on earth.

This good news is brought to you by Houston-based Orion Span. Their plan for the first ever luxury hotel in space will be in an Aurora Station designed by them. The hotel would only provide accommodation for a total of six members at a time, four travelers and two crew members to be precise. The luxury hotel of a space ship would take the tourists around the planet for a period of 12 days.

Orion Span’s luxury hotel will ensure that it will be your money`s worth. They have a bunch of attractions planned like zero-gravity flying inside the station, viewing of the patrons’ houses from space, organizing research experiments like growing food when in orbit, and live-stream video chats with friends and family back on earth with the help of high-speed Internet facilities. Now, all that sounds whole lot of fun already!

Frank Burger, the founder and chief executive of Orion Span said the reason for the relatively low prices of this luxury hotel would be the declining price of spaceship launches that is forecasted in future. This decline is attributed to more frequency of rocket launches that happen every year.

The idea of humans going to space for holiday have sprang up as the Trump administration aims to restructure NASA`s role and giving room to private enterprise and international organizations to work with the space agency.

However, prior to your dream space holiday, Aurora Station would want their visitors to undergo three months of training, beginning with online courses along with contingency training. All this will be carried out for your better understanding of basics about spaceflight, the orbital mechanics, and the different pressurized environment that is present in space. After all, you ought to have a safe holiday, be it space or earth!

Isn`t this a wonderful idea to make space accessible to each and everyone, whoever is willing to pay the price for it that is! If you are passionate about space and want to be an astronaut for few days in your life, don`t miss this chance in future.