You may not have realized this but the sun is more important to human life than the light that it gives us on daily basis, if look at the things the sun enables us to do that affect our daily living and then you will realize how important it is. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has conducted a study and its getting close to launch the very first spaceflight that with touch the sun. 

This spacecraft is called The Parker Solar Probe, and it was named after Eugene Parker, the scientist who theorized the existence of solar wind. This Parker solar probe will be the first spacecraft to have ever touched the sun and NASA is taking full responsibility of this naming it as a huge milestone on their part.

The parker solar probe is expected to launch on July this year, NASA has conducted flight test on the probe, it made a midnight trip from NASA’s Space Flight Center to the Joint Base Andrews, located in Maryland, and it was later flown to Florida to continue the flight testing. If all goes according to the plan NASA will launch the first spacecraft that will touch the sun and it is expected to assume full mission immediately after its launch.

Mid this year, the probe is expected to be launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and if the launch turns to be a success then the spacecraft is expected to begin its seven-year mission to make observations and survey the sun hopefully this will answers most of our questions that no one has very been able to answer. This probe could be just what scientist need to improve their research and maybe the probe can help them collect data that will improve space weather forecast and surveillance.

 The solar probe is supposed to orbit around the sun making 24 passes during each orbit. Given the fact that it is supposed to touch the sky, this probe is designed to resist the heat and it has a thick carbon shield that will prevent it from being destroyed by the heat produced by the sun. The probe has caused NASA almost 1.5 billion USD but looking at the reliability of the data that it is supposed to gather you will find it is worth the investment.