Technology changes every new day. A wise and focused investor runs with the new changes in order to remain relevant in the market. SpaceX is at it again with their latest release of a public print of fabrication tooling. spaceX is always kept on their toes by their CEO Elon Musk.

The latest released SpaceX is projected to make the making of the first complete Mars spaceship prototype. The public released photo was of a large cylinder. The photo was published on Musk’s Instagram post. This massive cylinder is however, not a definite rocket constituent but this is what will be used in constructing the carbon composite structures.

spaceX are literally building their plan on R&D history with the support of the contractor. They have on the other hand purchased it from Janicki Industries based in Seattle. Janicki industries has earned their fame for constructing a great ITS oxygen tank which was released to the public for testing in 2016 and in 2017 it was tested to failure.

The main idea behind SpaceX contracting Janicki industries is not to have them construct a prototype tank for them but so that they can acquire the necessary tools from them as well. SpaceX under the leadership of their CEP Elon Musk is up to the task and are ready to do everything in their power to see this project materialize.

spaceX’ current achievement

The existence of the above tooling dwarf is a clear indicator that SpaceX has successfully completed with the initial designs of BFS and BFR. Although it has not yet been revealed but there are speculations that the tooling Elon Musk published on his Instagram has not yet landed their California-based manufacturing facilities. It is assumed that they are shipping it from Seattle.

This is one of the biggest projects to be handled by SpaceX and once completed it will be a great achievement. They have also put a lot of effort to see its success even by hiring the best stalkers and buying the best equipments needed for the job.

Talking about their preparedness in the testing campaign of the complete rocket, I can proudly say they have already started aligning themselves accordingly. Their main goal is colonizing Mars with their newly formed rocket which is likely to be achieved in their given time frame. But even if they miss their set deadline, they will ensure they live to their word.