Charon, which is the largest moon of the planet Pluto, had its first official names for its landmarks. Honoring the strong spirit of the human space exploration, a dozen landmarks of the moons were given their names. These names are reflecting the explorers, travelers, scientists, mysterious destinations, and pioneering journeys that recognize the story of adventure from anywhere across the world. 

According to the of International Astronomical Union (IAU), they had released the official names and the approved Charon names are focusing on mythology and literature of the exploration. Here they are on the list below:

  • Argo Chasma. This is the name of the ship used by Jayson and the Argonauts during the search of the Golden Fleece in the epic poem Argonautica.
  • Mandjet Chasma. This is the name of a boat in the Egyptian mythology, which carried Ra, the God of the Sun across the sky.
  • Caleuche Chasma. This is the name of the mythological ghost ship, who travels across the seas in the islet of Chiloe. 
  • Clarke Montes. Honoring Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a prolific writer, and futurists of science fiction.
  • Butler Mons. Honoring Octavio E. Butler, a first writer for science fiction. 
  • Dorothy Crater. Recognizing the protagonist in the children’s novel series.
  • Kubrick Mons. Honoring Stanley Kubrick, a film director.
  • Nasreddin Crater. This is the name of the protagonist in over thousand humorous folktales that were told in some parts of Asia, the Middle East, and southern Europe.
  • Nemo Crater. The name for a captain of Nautilus. 
  • Sadko Crater. Recognizing the adventurer who had traveled the bottom of the sea.
  • Revati Crater. The main character’s name in Hindu epic narrative
  • Pirx Crater. The name of the short story series character who traveled between the moon, Mars, and Earth. 

“The team of the new Horizon is instrumental when it comes to moving the new names in the name’s approval,” said by International Astronomical Union. The team had gathered lots of the names from the online public naming campaign called “Our Pluto,” and since 2015, they have referred the names to a variety of similar unofficial features.

According to Rita Schulz in a statement, a chairman IAU, she is pleased with the idea that the Charon features are named with the international spirit. She is one of those who works with the team of the New Horizon to choose the name of the moon.