Establishing a parliament in space is complicated. But not the “Space Kingdom” of Asgardia. The group has a few lofty goals such as to guarantee the peaceful utilization of space, protect the earth from any potential hazards, and create a scientific or a demilitarized base of knowledge in the outer space. 

Founded in 2016, Asgardia, the leaders in space nation, have lots of attempts for the ascent of humanity to the stars. The recent approval of the group’s constitution has been affected by different issues in the country. For the number of people who successfully registered online, there was no way to vote “no” on the constitution based on the report of Gizmodo. 

Most of the critics of the constitution pointed out that it just gave Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, the founder, an extensive control as well as the power to dissolve the parliament. Plus, it gave him the ability to control the Supreme Space Council as well. 

After the continuous spread of conspiracy theories on the Vienna-based NGO forums, Asgardia’s not fully grown nation turned into chaos. Because of that, Asguardians really felt disconnected from all democratic processes that form their government. 

On top of the wanted list is Ashurbeyli who is said to be a maniac kleptocrat according to a recent profile on Meduza, a Latvia-based newspaper online. Despite the situation, 75% of the common people still accepted the constitution. 

Being disappointed on how the parliamentary procedures were performed, the citizens grew exhausted of the separation between them. And those people who are in full control. Nissem Abdeljelil, an Asgardian, said that people are the ones who brought the old reflexes of politics. 

How can people impact change? Of course, there is a need to run for office. Nevertheless, those who were positive to acquire a parliamentary seat were frustrated. They also believed that the system was rigged.  

On the other hand, Asguardia has made a step into space. Officially, it has left the Earth. It has launched a satellite into orbit with a terabyte of information about the flag as well as the constitution. It has a size like a shoebox and is considered an insignificant step that Asguardia made. 

Despite the feeble attempts, the endeavor gives many people a serious thought. With a fragmented group of people, a Russian monarch, and a questionable election process is expected to end.