Engineers and researchers have various ways to manipulate conceal objects and see how light interacts with them. The latest study shows the approach of the existing cloaking technologies to overcome some critical shortcomings. The first observation was that of invisibility based on the manipulation of the color of light waves, when it passes through an object.  

Researchers say this approach could be implemented to secure transmitted fiber optic lines and will improve technologies for understanding telecommunication, information processing. Theoretically, this concept could be increased to develop 3D objects, which will be visible from every direction, which is an ultimate step in the improvement of practical technologies based on invisibility cloaking. 

Many latest cloaking devices can completely conceal the object, which is illuminated with one light color. In fact, other light sources and sunlight contain various colors. The spectral invisibility cloak is specially designed to hide arbitrary objects entirely below broadband illumination. 

The spectral cloak functions by significantly transferring energy from some colors of the light wave to some other colors. After this, the device restores the light into its real state. Researchers are doing the new approach of Optica for the high impact to the Optical journal society. 

During watching an object, you will see the object modifies the light energy waves which interact with it. For the propagation of the light waves, the most solution is designed for the invisibility cloaking which alters the path of light energy. Another hand temporal cloaking tamper with the speed of light, which is concealed temporarily when it passes through the light beam in a prescribed time.  

Both the approaches must follow different ways as they are taking a different quantity of time and different incoming light colors through the cloaking device. 

According to Luis Romero Cortes, National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) the solutions of conventional cloaking depend on modifying, the propagation way of the illumination, which is, surrounded by the concealed object. This solution avoids this issue by allowing the light waves to propagate through the focused object and still preventing the interaction between object and wave. 

Cloaking device transfers colors to the spectrum regions, which will not affect by propagation in the object. The expert team is working in the advanced based practical application for a single cloaking direction. This is one dimension wave system, which is fiber optics application.  This reorganizes the signal energy and makes it less vulnerable.