When the next time your kids want to bring a star from the sky, you do not have to walk away. Instead, you can tell them to wait. A team of Scientists from China is working on a concept to capture an asteroid near earth that might bring it back to the planet to exploit its resources. 

Li Mingtao, a researcher at the National Space Science Center under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that it sounds like science fiction and he believes it can be realized only. He and his team introduced this idea in a contest of the advent of future technologies held in south China’s Guangdong Province of Shenzhen,, and entered the finals with other 59 projects.

The contest inspired young Chinese scientists to get the ultimate technologies and highlight the innovation. The process would begin with a spacecraft carrying a large bag to wrap asteroid and get it back to the Earth. Then it can be unfolded with a heat shield which will reduce the velocity of the asteroid at the time of its enters in the atmosphere of Earth, and it can control in a no human land, Li explains this. He said this idea is very innovative and inspire to promote the development of space technologies better.

Li said that various significant technologies would have to manage to accomplish the goal. The smaller asteroid will be challenging to discover. Only telescopes on the ground can able to find some small asteroids when they come close to the earth. He is working at the QianXuesen Laboratory of Space Technology with the space engineers under the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to make up a plan for a satellite constellation on the Venus orbit. The satellite will be worked to analyze and search the small celestial near-earth bodies with around 10 meters diameters. 

The significant components of the asteroid are not transparent and require more observation, and it determines after analyze. Li calculated a right time to launch the asteroid catcher, that would be 2029, and it could bring to earth in the year 2034. 

Li more often talked with his tea about the shooting stars and he could predict its landing point. One day he will catch or bring back the asteroid which will give enormous social and economic benefits to the planet earth.