Since its launch on 18th April, there has been a lot of excitement revolved around the NASA’s latest expedition Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). According to the official information, this satellite’s main mission is to identify the alien planets that orbit the sun in the earth’s neighborhood. Here, we will tell you some amazing things about the TESS:

  • Design

This satellite has four telescopes that will allow it click pictures of over 200,000 stars in the period of next two years. Some of them located within the distance of 10 light years from Earth. The officials are hoping that they may be successful in finding a planet that can harbor life other than Earth.

  • Working

The working of this satellite is based on the transit method that will let it identify the alien planets. It will look out for the tiny bright dips caused by these planets while crossing their host stars. It is purely a new kind of approach used by the NASA for finding a new life in the universe. 

  • In-depth Survey

There will be a broader survey of sky conducted by this satellite for the next two years. You will be amazed to know that approximately 85% of the sky will be covered by it that is a tremendous achievement.  As mentioned above, its main focus is on the brightest stars in the universe & that’s why it is equipped with four cameras.

  • Unique approach

There is a purely different approach used by the TESS as it will zoom near our planet earth. It is completely different from Kepler in its orbit. This satellite will cover 13.7 days orbit that is never occupied by any spacecraft earlier. It will go far up to 373,000 km & close up to 108,000 km to the Earth that allows it to transfer data pretty quickly & efficiently. 

  • Won’t find every planet

One thing that needs to note about TESS is that it won’t be successful in catching all the planets in orbit. It will only identify ones having orbits that are not angled just right in front of their stars or either longer than a one month. 

NASA has a tremendous amount of expectations from the TESS & certainly believed that there would be lots of the universe’s secrets uncovered in the next two years. We have to wait to see which secrets it identifies.