Angola has recently confirmed that it has lost the control on one of its satellites launched in December 2017. It was the first telecom satellites launched by them and was named as Angosat-1. The same was designed to remain functional until the next 15 years. However, the unexpected incidence has put everyone in Angola under extreme pressure.

The valid reason for this incident has not been unveiled, and experts are struggling to find the exact cause of the same. The premature death of this satellite has raised many questions on the program. Although the official announcements have been made to launch the successor of this satellite, it seems Angola don’t want to unveil the exact reason for this incident.

Despite several attempts to establish the contacts again, the experts failed to re-establish the link with the same, and it is now confirmed that it would never be recovered. The satellite was launched from the Baikonur in Kazakhstan, and the Russian made satellite faced a lot of setbacks immediately after its launch. The first problem was arrived on the 30th day of December as per officials.

The Telecom Minister has announced that they had already signed a new agreement with Russia and the version 2 of Angola, i.e., Angosat-2 would be launched soon. The successor will be more powerful, and it will have more capabilities.

It was also announced that it would take around 18 months to build the same. The Angosat-1 was launched to boost the satellite communications in the telecom sector. It was also designed to provide strength to the internet access, as well as the broadcasting of the TV and radio.

Around 38% percent of the population of the country lives below the poverty and Angola generates its revenues from the oil reserves. The officials have announced that the build of the new satellite wouldn’t cost a penny to the country as per an agreement with Russia.

It seems to be a major technical glitch that has caused the problem. The officials said that everything was working fine with the satellite and remained fully functional till December 30th. The contact was lost and never recovered even after a lot of sincere efforts. The Angosat is a joint project of Russia and Angola, and the same existed during the year 2009. The control center is located in the Luanda which is the official capital of Angola.